First fashion glasses collection to match driving, a town use, various scenes The TUMI eyewear first fashion glasses collection features various front variations. From Wellington being aware of a trend to a stylish square to have a sharp impression, and a basic teardrop is also in the lineup. A selection of the oneself preference is possible. Lenses are with two kinds of CR lenses, usual ones with AR coat(prevention of diffused reflection) inward and the CR polarizing lenses.
Made by titanium to fashion glasses It is not only fashion glasses but The highly utility item. We fix our eyes on the users who are sensitive to the weight of fashion glasses and we unified the metal parts of all the collection made in titanium with the strength at light weight. Titanium provides a lot of merits for users, not corroding for water or sweat under the hot sunlight. As well as optical collection, We keep on being particular about the selection of material.
Details are based on "TUMI" Ballistic pattern, TUMI red and the tip end of the fastener design. We adopted details of the optical collection to fashion glasses everywhere. Those detail becomes the icon expressing high reliability and design characteristics of the TUMI eyewear which we cultivated so far.