Pursuit of Texture Since 2012 TUMI eyewear debut, "Functionality" "Stylish design" and "High quality" have continued unchanged. The theme of this collection is "pursuit of texture". In addition to keeping the three TUMI philosophies, we will provide more fresh and textured design. For that purpose, we reviewed parts, manufacturing methods and mechanism at hinge area. Each part made of titanium is subjected to a cutting process after the pressing process, polished carefully one by one by craftsmen. By adopting two types of arch structure using beta titanium, it enables to provide comfortable wearing. Also, the variety of front variations is the best element to make stylish design feel. A new collection pursuing overwhelming presence and beauty of detail so that you can feel the center of TUMI. series 1 Beautiful Parts with moderate voluminous from the front to the endpiece and temples, which are made by precision cutting finish one by one. And among those carefully finished parts, TUMI 's logo parts are characteristically arranged. In addition to the vivid color contrast with the temple, the RED line which is the brand color of TUMI on the logo features atmosphere. The arch shaped part made of beta titanium is attached behind the logo, and it adds optimum spring property to the comfort. series 2 This series has the most component parts In the history of TUMI eyewear, which increases the finishing accuracy of each part to the limit. In addition to the pressing process, we will produce a sharp edge feel by precisely cutting the outer shape. It is a side design with luxurious feeling and volume sense not found in general purpose goods. Two templates made of beta titanium are used in temples. Beautiful arch shaped parts in the temple with a sense of depth, so far as you can imagine, have a soft and comfortable elasticity. Also, the hinge part has a characteristic 5 hinge specification.